Tom Hiddleston Exclusively

Lovely Tom everywhere!
How could anyone ever say no to him? (x)

How could anyone ever say no to him? (x)




Tom Hiddleston gets prepped to film scenes for ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 22, 2014 [HQ]

Well, my Coriolanus delts are gone, but I’ll still take him…;)

Oh yes, I’d still take him in a fucking heartbeat ;).

I like this version of Tom. 

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Anonymous asked: Tom ... in a pool... is from? Haha. Help.

A movie called Unrelated. You must watch it! Lots of hot Tom!!!



Things I love : Frowning his eyebrows.

Okay. I’m probably the only one who has noticed this and loves it, but when he frowns his eyebrows, it totally does things to me. I mean this expression, sort of ‘outraged’ on his face is one of the cutest thing on earth and it always gets me because I smile every single time I see it on his face.

You are not alone. But then, EVERYTHING he does turns me on.

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